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Samsung Top Load Washing Machines

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Samsung Top Load Washing Machines

Sturdy, dependable, and packed with features, a Samsung top-load washing machine will give you fantastic wash results for minimum effort. Samsung is a trusted brand in laundry appliances, and their washers represent an affordable choice for Australian families.

Samsung washing machines effectively remove dirt and stains from your clothes while also caring for delicate fabrics. In ordinary washing machines the fibres of your clothes can become snagged on the hundreds of tiny water exit holes in the drum. Samsung solves this problem by imbedding these water holes inside smooth, diamond-shaped depressions. The Diamond Drum, with its embossed washboard surface, can reduce the harmful effects of washing and in turn prolong the life of your garments.

Not only are Samsung top-load washers kind to your delicates, they are also great at removing tough stains. Perfect for heavily-soiled sports gear or muddy kids' clothes, the 5-step super clean system will work its magic and leave clothes bright, soft, and fresh.

Unique to Samsung, the Air Turbo Drying System™ removes excess water from your clothes at the end of the wash cycle. It does this by drawing air into the drum to create a whirlwind of drying power. This speeds up the laundry process as your clothes won't need to spend as much time in the dryer or on the line after they've been washed.

Samsung washers also have a ‘magic filter' to efficiently collect lint. Plus there is an electronic indicator to let you know when the filter needs to be cleaned.

For quality, reliability, and excellent water efficiency, invest in a Samsung front-load washing machine.

Samsung bring a variety of top load washing machines to the market, one to suit any household’s needs. Samsung has become aware of the environmental impact that washing machines have on the environment and have lowered their water and energy consumption levels, without sacrificing the efficiency and effectiveness of producing a clean load of washing.

Samsung top load washing machine features

Samsung washing machines have electronic controls

The controls and the digital display are easy to use and understand. Not only are the controls easy to use, you can make quick adjustments whilst the wash is underway to ensure you are getting your desired wash results.

Samsung washing machines are equipped with a delay start option

The delay start option with Samsung washing machines gives you the freedom and convenience of being able to wash a load at off peak energy rates, or time the wash so that it finishes when you arrive home, or finish another task around the house, this means your washing does not sit in the machine for an extended period of time. Samsung washing machines wash clothes at a time that suits you, for a time frame up to 24 hours in advance.

Samsung washing machines have a stainless steel washbowl (selected models)

The durability of a stainless steel washbowl, instead of other materials, greatly increases the lifetime of your Samsung washing machine, it reduces wear and tear and the waters affect on the life of the washbowl.

Samsung washing machines have an out of balance cut-out indicator

The technology used in Samsung’s top load washing machines senses the balance of your load, it then detects any imbalance in the wash, rinse and spin cycles and corrects it, through adjusting the rotation and speed until the imbalance is corrected. If the imbalance is not corrected then the machine will shut down, to prevent any damage to your Samsung washing machine.

Samsung washing machines are load sensing

Samsung’s range of top load washing machines have the ability to sense the load, this means that the machine determines the correct water level, water temperature and duration of the wash needed, to optimise the results of the wash. This takes the worry out of choosing the right wash program, and means you can always rely on unloading a clean and well washed load.