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With a projector from Appliances Online, you can enjoy the power and impact of full-scale cinema in your own home. Our range is sourced from leading manufacturers: LG, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony – providing many options to enjoy movies and TV on the big screen – or throw yourself into the immersive world of 3D! If you are real film aficionado, you’ll love the colour, texture and detail on offer: it’s an extraordinary way to experience your favourite movies.

And as well as offering a whole new way to enjoy home entertainment, projectors can also be used in businesses, classrooms, and convention centres.

Cinema at Home

Our projectors deliver an outstanding picture quality – and represent the ultimate way to enjoy your favourite TV show or movies.

We currently have two different types of technology available: the LCD variety of projector and those incorporating SXRD technology (which are unique to Sony).

Projectors with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology work on the same principle as traditional projectors in that they shine a light through a filter to create an image – in this case, using LCDs as the filters. This results in extraordinary clarity and superb colouring.

Meanwhile, Sony has a range of projectors that use innovative SXRD micro-display panels that deliver incredibly natural, bright images.

Projectors also offer some of the best 3D experiences around, with smooth immersive imagery that mirrors the movie director's artistic vision and intent. Our projectors use high refresh rates to present bright clear, lifelike 3D images – even during the fastest moving action scenes – while minimising cross talk and double imaging.

Install and Customise

Installation is easy with a projector from Appliances Online. Versatile and easily adjustable they can suit many different types of application and different types of content.

There are host of technologies on offer to make operation easier. Amongst our range, you’ll find features such as memory for lens settings, automatic picture calibration, 3D up-conversion and more.

Check out the range of projectors at Appliances Online.