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Width (mm)
525 703
Height (mm)
1207 1852
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555 715
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153 451
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Pigeon Pairs

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Pigeon Pair/Upright Fridges & Freezers

A 'Pigeon Pair' refers to a single-door refrigerator beside a separate but matching single-door upright freezer, which looks great and provides a vast amount of fridge and freezer space for large households.

A matched Pigeon Pair can provide between 250L and 790L of combined storage space (of which 175L to 300L will be freezer space). When compared with the average 150L of freezer space in a typical Top Mount fridge, it’s easy to see why upright fridges and freezers make it easier to buy your groceries in bulk to save you money and time.

If space is an issue, you don't necessarily need to store your fridge and freezer beside each other – you could keep them on opposite sides of the kitchen, or one could go in the rumpus room or garage.

Our selection of single-door refrigerators range in size from 100L to 370L, and our single-door freezers start at 90L and go up to 300L. For a household of 1-2 people, you’ll want a combined fridge and freezer of 200-380 litres. For 3-4 people, you’ll need 350-530 litres. And for households of more than 5 people, more than 440L of space will be required.

As with any major appliance purchase, make sure you measure your kitchen before making a decision. Bear in mind that the larger the fridge and/or freezer, the more energy it will use.

For more information, consult our Buying Guide.