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Finish Colour
Width (mm)
410 686
Height (mm)
735 1153
Depth (mm)
410 760
Washer Depth (mm)
540 675
In Stock
Price Range
$396 $1445
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Lemair Top Load Washing Machine

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Lemair Top Load Washing Machine

In business since 1956, Lemair is renowned for creating great value and highly functional appliances for commercial and domestic use. If you need a washing machine or a bar fridge for your campervan, a Lemair top-load washing machine is an excellent choice. Compact yet effective, a Lemair washing machine makes it possible to get your clothes clean while you're on the go.

Small enough to fit into a tight space, a Lemair XQB22 2.2kg washing machine is suitable for washing small loads with minimum fuss and effort. Suitable for a cold water connection only, these nifty little washers give you a variable water selection depending on the size of the load. Fully automatic, these washing machines will sound an alert to let you know when the wash cycle has finished.

The spin cycle will remove excess water from your clothes which will help to reduce drying times. Because of their size, Lemair top-load washing machines could also be a good investment for anyone who lives in a studio apartment of a college dormitory. If you're only washing light loads (such as shirts, undergarments, and t-shirts) these washers could save you the hassle and expense of visiting the Laundromat or dry cleaners.

If you need a larger washing machine, you might like to consider the large range of front-load washers, top-load washers, twin tub washers and washer dryer combos available at Appliances Online.

Lemair also makes great value and compact bar fridges and chest freezers, which are the perfect choice for caravans and holiday homes.

Find a Lemair appliance to suit your lifestyle and your budget at Appliances Online, Australia's largest online appliance retailer.