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Induction Cooktops

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Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are faster, safer and more energy efficient than gas and traditional electric cooktops. Discover how easy it can be to achieve professional cooking results in your own kitchen with a state of the art induction cooktop from Appliances Online.

Endorsed by top chefs like Sydney's Tetsuya Wakuda, induction cooktops offer incredible control over the cooking process. Induction cooktops work by creating a powerful electromagnetic field which reacts with metal objects. When your pot comes into contact with the induction cooking zone, it will start to heat up. Because there is no transfer of heat from the element to the pot, the process is a lot quicker. It is also safer because there are no naked flames and the cooktop starts to cool down the moment the pot is removed.

Because they are so fast, an induction cooktop can save you valuable time in the kitchen. Boiling large pots of water is a breeze, and frying is quick and simple. But not only are induction cooktops great for high-heat cooking, they offer the chef excellent temperature precision when it comes to simmering and melting. Now you can melt chocolate and gently heat milk on your induction cooktop with no fear of burning or curdling.

Another advantage is that they provide a completely flat surface. Not only does this look great, it makes cleaning up easier – simply wipe with a damp cloth once you have finished cooking. You can also use your cooktop as additional bench space when not in use.

Selected models feature pot detection technology which adjusts the power supply to exactly match the size of your pot, so no energy is wasted. This also means that the cooktop will automatically switch off if the pot is removed for a period of time, so there's no fear of accidentally leaving the stove on.

Some induction cooktops include a boost function which is perfect for bringing large pots of water to the boil quickly. Once the water has reached boiling pot, the cooktop can also adjust the temperature down to a simmer, which makes it easier to multi-task in the kitchen.

Electronic touch controls make these cooktops easy to operate, putting temperature precision at your fingertips. They also make the cooktop easy to clean, and they help the cooktop to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen benchtop.

Before purchasing, make sure you measure the available space in your kitchen to make sure your new induction cooktop will fit – the average width is around 600mm. If you do a lot of cooking it might be worthwhile to invest in a larger cooktop so you can fit all sizes of pots and pans beside each other. And if you love making stir fries, you can also even a type of induction cooktop with a wok recess to provide even heating to all sides of the wok.

Appliances Online has all the big brands in induction cooktops including Asko, Baumatic, Blanco, Bosch, Breville , De'Longhi, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Glem, Omega, Smeg, St George and Westinghouse. We have Australia's largest online kitchen appliance range, and we guarantee the best value.