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What type of fridge or freezer should I buy?    

Top Tips

  • When buying a fridge or freezer, always consider which way you want the door to open. Some fridge doors can be manually reversed with special reversing kits, but it's usually easier to simply buy a suitable fridge from day one.
  • The amount of ventilation space required for a fridge or freezer varies depending on the model and manufacturer, but 2cm on either side and 3cm at the top and back is a good rule of thumb.
  • A filtered water and ice dispenser in the front of the fridge door is very convenient, but it can increase the price of the fridge and take up the fridge's storage space. Remember - these dispensers must be plumbed in by a licensed tradesperson.

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No-one wants a fridge that's too small, but a fridge that's too large can be inefficient and expensive to run. Use the following guidelines to choose a fridge that's just the right size for your home, based on the number of people in your household:

Top Mount

1-2 people

200-380 litres

Bottom Mount

3-4 people

350-530 litres

3 & 4 Door

5+ people

440+ litres

Energy Efficiency

  • Look for the fridge's Energy Star rating - the more stars, the more energy efficient the appliance.
  • The larger the fridge, the more power it will need.
  • Top freezer model fridges tend to be the most energy efficient.
  • Look for a fridge with Eco or Holiday mode to efficiently save power when the fridge isn't being used every day.
  • Fridges that use R600a refrigerant (which contains no CFCs or HFCs) are better for the environment.
  • Fridges use more energy than any other appliance - so choose wisely!

Warranty & Service

Appliances Online sells only brand new appliances with full manufacturer's warranties - not factory seconds.

All the fridges we stock come with a standard warranty (usually 2 years, depending on the manufacturer). However, you also have the option of buying an extended Customer Care Plan from Appliances Online.

Our Customer Care Plans are available at the time of purchase. You can purchase a Care Plan of 2, 3 or 4 years - which will begin once the original manufacturer's warranty is up.


What finish would best compliment your kitchen?
White Stainless Steel Black Colour
  • The cheapest option
  • Goes well with most kitchen designs
  • Does not show fingerprints
  • Modern look
  • Goes well with most kitchen designs
  • Easy to match with other appliances
  • Sophisticated look
  • Goes well with most kitchen designs
  • Unique, personalised look
  • Can brighten up a dull space
  • Not very exciting
  • Shows up grubby marks
  • Can show fingerprint marks
  • More expensive than white enamel
  • Can be tricky to match with other appliances
  • More expensive than stainless steel
  • Difficult to match with other appliances/décor
  • The most expensive option
  • Often made to order - which can incur delays
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