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Breville BIA500 Freeze & Mix Bowl
Sunbeam MX1000 Food Mixer Side View
$8 off RRP 
Sunbeam MX1000P Food Mixer
KitchenAid 93810 Hand Mixer
KitchenAid Hand Mixer 93873
KitchenAid 93805 Hand Mixer
KitchenAid 93820 Hand Mixer
Sunbeam MX003 Food Mixer
Sunbeam MX7900W Food Mixer Side Angle
$30 off RRP 
Sunbeam MX7900R Food Mixer Side Angle
Sunbeam MX7900B Food Mixer Side Angle
Breville BEM410 Food Mixer
$20 off RRP 
Breville BEM410R Food Mixer
Bosch MUM52120AU Food Mixer
$170 off RRP 
Sunbeam Food Mixer MX9200R
$100 off RRP 
Bosch MUM56340AU Food Mixer Set
$183 off RRP 
Sunbeam MX9200W Food Mixer Side Angle
$72 off RRP 
Sunbeam MX9200 Food Mixer
$70 off RRP 
Breville BEM800 Food Mixer
$70 off RRP 
Breville BEM820 Food Mixer
$119 off RRP 
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Food Mixers

Food mixers can reduce the time and effort it takes to prepare recipes. Rather than wearing out your arm with a bowl and wooden spoon, a food mixer will give you superior results in a fraction of the time.

Hand mixers are small and portable, making them easy to store, and giving you greater control over your cooking. Fully automatic stand mixers such as those from KitchenAid provide stability and ensure that your preparations create less mess. With a greater capacity than most food processors and blenders, some stand mixers can even provide a gentle warmth and heat your ingredients as they mix, ensuring a smoother consistency and accelerating the progress of your cooking.

Selected food mixers come with specialised attachments, such as a dough blade or dough hook (for making bread, pizza dough, scones and more), a beater attachment, or a whisk (for making whipped cream and meringues). Most food mixers use stainless steel bowls that are tough and durable, though some are available with great-looking glass bowls.

Choosing a food mixer with quiet operation will make sure that your home environment is not disrupted by your meal preparation. Multiple speed settings can also provide flexibility when preparing a variety of different meals.

Several food mixers come in very cool retro styles to give your kitchen a different kind of look and feel. They also come in a range of colours, from red to green to pink to purple to yellow to black, so any kitchen’s déÉcor can match.

Bosch, Breville, Kenwood, KitchenAid, Morphy Richards, Tefal and Sunbeam food mixers can all be found for sale at Appliances Online, where you can also find helpful reviews from Australian customers to help you make a fair comparison between different models.

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