Appliances Online: Factory Seconds

We'll show you how you can get a brand new appliance with a factory seconds price tag!

Why buy factory seconds appliances when you have the option to buy brand new top brand appliances at virtually the same price with warranty and free delivery?

Today there are many people searching for and purchasing factory seconds appliances such as fridges, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers and ovens. Read this article and we'll show you why Appliances Online are the better option and how you can get a brand new appliance with a factory seconds price tag!

You Don't know What You're Getting

When buying factory seconds you can never be sure what you are getting and why the appliance has been classed as a factory seconds appliance. There are a number of reasons why an appliance can be classed as a factory second and in many cases the factory second retailer themselves will not be aware. A factory seconds item may be damaged, re-conditioned, an ex-display item or floor stock.

Factory Seconds - Reduced Manufacturers Warranty

Many manufacturers reduce their standard warranty on their factory seconds appliances.

You Cannot Always get Extended Warranty

When purchasing a factory seconds appliance there is a good chance that you will not have the option of an extended warranty. If the factory seconds appliance breaks down or malfunctions it will be a further cost to get it fixed or replaced. At Appliances Online you always have the option to apply for an extended warranty, giving you even more value for your money and peace of mind.

Appliances Online - What You See is What You Get

All appliances from Appliances Online are brand new products that we purchased directly from the manufacturer. Whether you purchase a fridge or vacuum cleaner it will be in its original packaging with no hidden surprises. This cannot be said for factory seconds.

Appliances Online - Saves You Time

Buying from Appliances Online saves you time and the hassle of comparing scratched and dented factory seconds. At Appliances Online you know exactly what you are getting and you have the ability to purchase any appliance online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Still interested in Factory Seconds?

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