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6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AUVideo Thumb

6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU

Model Number WAE24272AU
Brand Bosch
Warranty 2 Years
Colour White
Capacity Wash 6.5kg
Hinged On Left
Spin Speed 1200 RPM
Energy Star Rating 4
Water Rating 4.5
Energy Use (p.a.) 241kWh
Hinge Left

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  • Cold wash option for all programs
  • Express wash: 2kg of lightly soiled garments in only 15 minutes
  • Liquid detergent inlet
  • Optimised glass porthole
  • Textile-specific drum movements
  • Full electronic control for load detection
  • Time delay start/Time remain
  • LED display with push-button controls
  • LED program status indicators
  • Duo AquaSpa scoop
  • Detergent saver system
  • Pump protector

  • Dimensions may not include door or control panel


847 mm
600 mm
590 mm

Allow an additional 150mm in depth min if it is to be installed within a cupboard to accommodate door/handle, control panel, inlet/outlet hose.

Package Size & Weight

Package Length:
65.00 cm
Package Width:
65.00 cm
Package Height:
90.00 cm
Package Weight:
81.00 Kg

More About This Product

Bosch is a brand synonymous with quality, water and energy efficiency, time saving features, and solutions for different needs. The Bosch WAE24272AU embodies all of these qualities, making laundry simpler and more enjoyable.

This washing machine conserves water and electricity, which can help to reduce your household's impact on the environment. While compact in size, it boasts a powerful 1200 RPM spin speed, which helps you to get your laundry done faster. And the textile-specific drum movements will ensure that your clothes are looked after and cared for.

There are 15 wash programs to choose from, offering greater flexibility and control. You will enjoy the convenience of the time delay start and the time remain indicator - all on the easy-to-read LED display. And stains are a breeze to remove with a Bosch, as you can adjust wash temperature, drum rotation and soaking times to suit the type of stain. Thanks to the sophisticated German design, this washing machine takes the hard work out of getting the laundry done.

Key Features

15 Programs plus 1 special option
Programs include cotton stains, cottons eco, rinse/freshen up, wool, delicate/silk, mixed load, intensive, as well as the incredible 15 minute express function. Plus you can choose the additional rinse plus option, which removes any residual detergent from delicate fabrics. This is great for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
Cold wash option for all programs
The Bosch WAE24272AU washer allows you to a select cold water wash for every cycle.
Duo AquaSpa scoop
This handy addition allows for faster soaking.
400-1200 RPM spin speed
A range of powerful spin cycles will quickly eliminate excess water from your clothes, reducing drying time.
Polinox drum
The revolutionary polinox outer drum provides extreme durability and robustness. Unlike conventional washer tubs, Bosch polinox tubs are coated with glass fibres, which provide high resistance against temperatures up to 120?C. This means a longer life span, no shape distortion or leakage, and quieter operation.
LED display
With the bright LED display and push-button controls, you can select spin speed, temperature, and time delay quickly and easily. The display also has a status indicator to show you how far the cycle has progressed.

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User Guide & Programme Table for Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU

quotes Product Reviews (5/127)

Rated 4 out of 5 based on 127 votes by customers who purchased the 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU

Average Rating - 4 star
                      Product Reviews - By customers who purchased the 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU Rss Feed

5 star
This washing machine it's fantastic particularly that I wash every day sheets with residues of oils. It took me a little while to find out the best setting for my massage sheets finally got it... The short cycle it's fantastic. I wipe of the excess of water of the rubber seals so it doesn't get moldy and smelly, and if it does I recommend two drops of essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon diluted in water then wipe on. You can use the same for moldy bathrooms!!! it kills the fungus... I love my new washing machine.... Thank you. Lina
Reviewed by Lina on 09/05/2011Speech bubbleHawthorn, VIC
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5 star
Only annoying thing is that the rinse cycle does not allow you to increase the spin speed to 1200 rpms. I bought this product after buying the washer/dryer combo for my other apartment because I liked the 15 minute wash and then I would use the additional spin cycle at 1400 rpm to dry on a clothes horse. I thought this product would be able to do the same only at 1200 rpm. Unfortunately this is not the case. Still it's a good product, apart from this I'm very happy with it.
Reviewed by Debbie on 30/04/2013Speech bubbleST KILDA ROAD CENTRAL, VIC
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5 star
This machine has been great! Works flawlessly, very efficient (power and water) with a large range of wash programs so it does a terrific job! Sure it can be a little noisy on the spin cycle (certainly nothing that should detract anyone from considering this machine) but it's very quiet during normal operation. It's a well built machine and I've no doubt it will last for years and years. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by darren on 12/11/2011Speech bubbleEaglemont, VIC
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
We got this to replace a 13 year old Ariston front loader that died suddenly. After having this Bosch for a month we have found it easy to use with useful programs and a washing capacity that suits two people. The machine is quieter than the old Ariston and it spins clothes a bit drier as well. The large door makes it easy to get washing in and out. Overall, we are very happy with this machine.
Reviewed by Karl on 14/10/2012Speech bubbleBRADDON, ACT
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
This machine surprisingly is very quiet compared to the Omega I originally had. Clothes come out soft and love the 15 minute cycle. Has 1200 spin which is fantastic, but when you only want to spin for a few things on another wash it only allows 800rpm. Otherwise very happy with this machine so far.
Reviewed by Jennifer on 17/12/2012Speech bubbleWILLOUGHBY, NSW
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quotes Service Reviews (5/308)

By customers who purchased the 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU

Average Rating - 4 star
                                      Service Reviews - By customers who purchased the 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU Rss Feed

5 star
Appliances Online was terrific! The service was exceptional, prompt and on time (both times). We ordered a new 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU through Appliances Online and got an amazing deal thanks to the 6th Birthday Sale (a whopping 42% off a normally very expensive washing machine). I received a phone call the morning of the delivery with a 2 hour delivery window. The new washing machine was delivered within the specified delivery window, installed and our old machine (which had been disconnected by us) removed all within the space of 10 minutes! No complaints at all regarding the service. Unfortunately, we must have got a one-in-a-thousand lemon from Bosch. After using the machine about 7 times with no issues, it suddenly decided to start leaking between the rubber seal and the metal body of the machine. We rang Appliances Online and were amazed at their helpfulness. They had the model in stock and asked us when would be convenient for a brand new replacement to be delivered (the next day) and once again, everything was done completely to schedule with courteous service. This time the faulty washing machine was also disconnected by Appliances Online. I would not hesitate to recommend Appliances Online for their great prices and amazing service and have already made several recommendations to friends.
Reviewed by Janene on 13/12/2011Speech bubbleBrighton, VIC
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5 star
I was planning on going into a store to shop around for washing machines but while researching washing machines I found Appliances Online. I mentioned I was looking for a washing machine to a friend and they recommended Appliances Online. So I narrowed down the machines I was looking at and found your prices were competitive if not lower than others.

I ordered online, specified the date I wanted and all went smoothly, from transaction to delivery to installation. The website was easy to use, Ben rang me the morning of my delivery to confirm a time and arrived on time. I also appreciate the fact you give a narrow time frame, as opposed to "sometime between 6am and 5pm".

The service of removing the old machine, installing the new machine and the installer providing some basic tips on use is an additional bonus!

It would be great if you could also offer some Miele products if possible (maybe you do but I was only looking at washing machines) and if buyers could do a comparison of two products on screen. But both of these are pretty minor suggestions though.

Reviewed by Christine on 15/06/2011Speech bubbleLane Cove North, NSW
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
I think Appliances Online is a great service. I ordered 3 items and they were all delivered when I asked. I got a call beforehand and the driver turned up 1/2 early. I love my new appliances. The cat and dog miele vac is awesome. The fridge is great and the washing machine is really good. I have never had a front loader before and I highly recommend the Bosch 6.5 kg front loader. It is really easy to use. The only issue I had with the overall experience is that the driver did not have an assistant. He had to deliver a 420 litre fridge, a washing machine and remove a 395 litre fridge and a top loader washing machine. He struggled to get the fridge into my property. I am only slightly built but quite strong. It was lucky I could assist him. Others may not be in the same position however. I suggested he should have a partner to assist and he said he could not afford to pay someone. I take this on board but ultimately these drivers have a responsibility to deliver and install customer products safely and without damage. They also have a responsibility for their own health and safety.
Reviewed by Gabrielle on 05/01/2012Speech bubbleNUNAWADING, VIC
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
I paid for the washing machine by phone after going online looking at the cost and it's customers comment. The staff acted professionally on receiving the order and payment specifically stating when the machine was to be delivered. It was followed by a receipt and date of delivery in my computer. The 6.5kg Front load Bosch washing machine WAE24272AU was not delivered on time on the specified day. To his credit the driver rang to say he was delayed I suppose things do happen beyond his control and he nominated another time but did not deliver. He was late for 1/2 hr. Delivery service was good but not excellent.
Reviewed by Hai on 30/07/2012Speech bubbleWYNN VALE, SA
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
Before buying, I found other customer reviews that endorsed Appliances Online as being a good company to deal with. My own experience was excellent. I purchased one day, received immediate confirmation that the product was available and would be delivered next day. They phoned me early next day with a delivery time window which they met. The delivery guys were friendly and helpful and thanked me for having the old appliance ready for pickup. While I could have bought slightly cheaper elsewhere, their customer feedback was dreadful and not worth the risk. I would certainly recommend Appliances Online to others.
Reviewed by Peter on 29/04/2011Speech bubbleQueens Park, NSW
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
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Our reviews are sourced by Appliances Online from feefo the most trusted independent customer feedback forum.

                  Product Questions - 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU Product Questions Product Questions

Q Can I add clothes to the machine after it has started washing?
Asked by Terry (18/05/2011 4:03:12 PM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A Once the washing process has started you will not be able to open the machine lid. If you open the lid for the machine while water is in the drum, it will end up all over your floor.

No Image
Answered by James
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q Does laundry powder have to be dissolved?
Asked by Lucy (13/06/2011 3:35:51 PM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A Just use the powder out of the box (usually 1 scoop). There is no need for you to dissolve it in water. However please ensure that you buy powder for Front Loaders only, as it creates less foam.

No Image
Answered by Justin
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q Can you please advise if I can put dryer (condenser) WTE84101AU on top of washer WAE24272AU using stacker kit. My concern is they are not the same depth. Difference of 35mm. How would they fit together?
Asked by Ann (19/09/2011 10:02:23 AM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A Bosch have confirmed that you can stack any of their new model washing machines and condenser dryers including the models you mentioned.

No Image
Answered by Glory
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q Hi, can you please tell me the decibel rating of this washing machine, length and RPM of cycles. I hear that front loaders are slow washers. Thanks.
Asked by utkie (6/09/2012 6:28:14 PM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A The 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU has a decibel rating of 76dB when spinning and 59dB when washing. In regards to RPMs and cycle length, RPMs go from 400 - 1200 depending on the cycle you choose, and cycle length can take up to 15min using a quick wash to a 2hour wash on large loads.

Answered by Lazarus
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q Can it connect to hot and cold water taps.
Asked by Hilary (16/09/2012 4:46:36 PM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A The 6.5kg Front Load Bosch Washing Machine WAE24272AU is to be used with cold water only. It has an internal element that heats the water for warm and hot washes.

Answered by Michelle
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Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials

"Free delivery -Free installation -Free removal"

I heard about appliances online last year from my mother who purchased a washing machine she has been very happy with it… My washing machine broken down at the end of last week and I started looking for a new one. The machine I wanted I found $10 cheaper compared to appliances online from a department store BUT they wanted to charge $60 for delivery plus not install it or take the old one away. So I decided to go with appliances on line because they do it all -Free delivery -Free installation -Free removal of old appliance I was very happy with the delivery, they came when they said they would and there was no more to pay. I love my new machine. Thanks
Belinda , South Yarra, VIC

"Price was still at least $100 cheaper"

This is amazing. I stumbled into this site when looking for a washing machine repair man and boy I'm glad I did!! The mid year sales were begining to kick in yet Appliances Onlines advertised price was still at least $100 cheaper and in one instance $150 cheaper! and the retail stores weren't offering an additional 3 years warrently and delivery for free!!!! I will never have to brave the salesmen again!
Jennifer , Mitchelton, QLD

"Provided excellent service above expectations"

Hi there, A really, really big thank you to Sally, Peter & Grant after problems with the washing machine, these guys provided excellent service above expectations. I will be glad to shop with Appliances Online again. Thanks lots .P.S. The machine is also fantastic.
Darren , Blackheath, NSW

"Arrived with minimum of fuss"

Just to let you know that delivery protocol was excellent and appliance arrived with minimum of fuss. Delivery guys very efficient and courteous. Thanks for the great service. Regards Julie Mundy.
Julie , Kangaroo Point, QLD

"Great price"

I recently bought a washing machine for my mother from your site. I placed an order on Friday 28/5/10 and the machine was delivered to my mother's home on Monday morning 31/5/10 as promised so that she could continue preparing for a much anticipated overseas trip later that week. Not only could I not believe the great price, but I was also impressed by the curteous and professional manner of your telephone staff and delivery personnel. The new machine was installed and the old one taken away at no extra cost to boot! I don't think I'll be shopping for whitegoods any other way from now on. Thanks Appliances Online.
Nilgun , Maribyrnong, VIC

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