5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505
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5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505

Model Number EDV505
Brand Electrolux
Warranty 2 Years
Colour White
Capacity Dry 5kg
Hinged On Left
Energy Star Rating 2
Type Vented
Energy Use (p.a.) 222kWh
Hinge Left

Accessories compatible with Electrolux Brand Washers and Dryers only
Save $190 (28%) off RRP
Standard Warranty
Additional 3 Year Customer Care Plan - $91
3 Year Business Customer Care Plan - $134


  • Auto-sensing
  • Reversing tumble action
  • Automatic temperature limit
  • Safety thermostat heater
  • Crease free option
  • Clean lint filter reminder LED
  • Fabric type selection
  • New wave lifters rotate clothes more efficiently
  • Directional front vent grill
  • Remote element - rear location
  • Drying system - exhaust venting
  • Delay start
  • Child lock
  • Wall mounting kit included

  • Dimensions may not include door or control panel


800 mm
600 mm
560 mm

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Described by our customers as "very easy to use," "quiet to operate," and "not very noisy," this Electrolux clothes dryer is a top choice. Designed to vent hot air out the front of the unit, this model can also be adjusted to direct the heat to the rear if external venting is required.

A wall mounting kit is included with this dryer, and there is a spare control panel which can be used if the dryer is mounted upside down. Alternatively, a stacking kit can be purchased as an optional extra. This is a great feature for anyone who has limited space inside their laundry.

This dryer has a reasonably good energy efficiency rating, plus the auto-sensing will help to save energy by automatically stopping the appliance once the clothes are dry. Another great feature is the anti-creasing feature which helps to cut down on the time you need to spend ironing your garments.

Altogether the Electrolux EDV505 is a great value clothes dryer that you will love.

Key Features

Sensor drying technology detects the level of moisture in the garments and selects the optimum drying time accordingly. This improves energy efficiency and protects clothes against damage caused by over-drying.
The crease-free option gently rotates the clothing back and forth for at least 30 minutes (depending on the model) after the drying cycle has ended to minimise wrinkles, which reduces the need for ironing.
Front lint filter
Having the lint filter at the front of the unit makes this dryer easy to maintain, plus the LED display will let you know when it's time to empty.
Auto Reversing
The tumble action alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise. This reduces clothes tangling and bunching together, so they dry more evenly and quickly. Plus the wave lifters turn the laundry more effectively in the drum ensuring more even drying results and less creasing.
Delay start
The wash program may be started after a designated amount of time, which allows you to take advantage of off-peak energy rates.
LED progress
The progress of the drying cycle can be easily monitored by reading the LED display.

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User Manual for Electrolux Clothes Dryer EDV505

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Brochure and Features Guide for the edv505

Customer Care Plan Customer Care Plan

Standard warranty
All our products come with a full manufacturer's warranty. Note that you'll need the tax invoice from your purchase to make a claim. If you lose your original tax invoice please let us know and we'll re-issue it. Note that most small appliances have no "in-house service". If your appliance requires servicing you will be required to take it to your nearest approved service agent. These agents can be located by contacting your manufacturer directly.

Commercial Customer Care Plan
If you're buying something that will be used in a commercial environment, the manufacturer's warranty covers a maximum of the first 3 months only.

Extended Customer Care Plan and Business Customer Care Plan
Appliances Online offers an extended Customer Care Plan that covers parts and labour required for repair of goods that suffer mechanical or electrical failure within Australia, for a period of up to 3 years outside the term of the standard manufacturer's warranty. (Subject to some brief terms and conditions ).

The extended Customer Care Plan is offered by Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited trading as Lumley Insurance ABN 24 000 036 279.

Children's Hospital Foundations Australia

Appliances Online will donate $5 to the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia for every Extended Warranty purchase made when you buy a Washer, Dryer or Ironing Centre.

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If your goods are deemed faulty following confirmation by the manufacturer you may replace them free of charge by calling 1300 000 500.

If you notice any damage to your goods please notify our delivery team at the time of delivery. We recommend you thoroughly inspect your goods at this time. If you notice any damage to your goods within 24 hours of receiving delivery please notify Appliances Online immediately. Evidence of damage will be required i.e. photographs.

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If your goods have been unboxed but otherwise are as new (have not been used or connected) a 20% restocking fee (20% of your purchase price) will apply. Appliances Online does not deal with factory seconds, damaged or open goods and charges restocking fees to cover return costs. A collection fee of $50 or the amount of your delivery fee if it was greater than $50 will apply.

Please note, if you have requested connection of your goods Appliances Online will unbox the product for you at the time of delivery. Also, we recommend you inspect your new goods thoroughly at the time of delivery.

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We are unable to accept return of any goods that you have attempted to install or have used.

quotes Product Reviews (5/263)

Rated 4 out of 5 based on 263 votes by customers who purchased the 5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505

Average Rating - 4 star
                      Product Reviews - By customers who purchased the 5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505 Rss Feed

5 star
My comments about this new dryer are relative to the Fisher and Paykel we used for the 10 years prior to this purchase. Until now, I have never owned an Electrolux product but thought this represented good value for money. I find that the dryer itself is quiet (little vibration and no distinct noise changes as the drum reverses) but the noise level at the vent/outlet is surprisingly loud. Our setup has it venting from the front though which may be causing an echo into the next room - not sure - but we can't run it at night without hearing it. It's an easy machine to use, and the programs are functional. I especially like that it remembers your last setting - Easy for the whole family! Like others have noted (and the manual states) the sensor dry function works best with a completely uniform load e.g. all towels of the same thickness. With mixed loads, I find it's easier to set it for 90 mins drying instead of sensor, and just check it manually til the load is dry. I find this 5kg model to be just about the perfect size for our family of 5 and so far, I am very happy with our purchase.
Reviewed by Tahnie on 23/04/2013Speech bubbleORANGE, NSW
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5 star
Pros: I love the awesome auto cycles the dryer stops when the clothes are dry rather than waste power, also prevents over-drying which causes static. All the sounds the dryer makes are musical rather then an annoying "beep-beep" or buzzer, End of cycle sound only goes off once and I can turn it off. I find it is quicker and better drying then my old Simpson basic dryer. 2 Star energy rating its low, but the highest rated dryer at a reasonable price Cons: a bit loud but not excessive. Sometimes using the auto mode, when the cycle finishes, thicker clothes are dry on the outside and still slightly damp inside (such as thick socks), just flip them inside out and give another 10-15 mins.
Reviewed by Jackie on 23/10/2013Speech bubbleCLARENCE PARK, SA
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
Love this dryer, it is big (compared to my older 4kg one), this one takes a full load of washing nicely and it is dried quickly. It is not very noisy and love the buzzer beeps and the wrinkle free option (which is not that super good for my taste, ie. for me, I still need to iron your clothes!) but it is quite good for sure. If you are not picky like me then you could definitely go without ironing. The filter is very easy and quick to clean. I don't find it too big for the size (5kg), I think it is probably the same size as my old dryer and this one can hold more. I love it! Just need to get used to the wrinkle free output and stop ironing!!! :-)
Reviewed by cecilia on 20/02/2012Speech bubbleHURLSTONE PARK, NSW
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
I have a baby now so my laundry is now a daily task. I use the dryer at end of the day to dry off the clothes that have not completely air dried. The dryer is simple to operate and works well. The clothes come out dry and not too hot. The sensor is great too as it does not go on and on and on and you have to keep checking to ensure clothes are dry.
Reviewed by priscilla on 19/06/2011Speech bubbleYarraville, VIC
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
Choice of 30, 60 and 90 minute drying times is great. It does have sensor drying though I find it usually is still slightly damp. But you can put it on and just stop whenever by opening the door. Does need ventilating (ie leave bathroom/laundry door open while on) but after researching I decided this was still the better dryer option.
Reviewed by Joanne on 07/10/2013Speech bubblePORT MELBOURNE, VIC
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quotes Service Reviews (5/660)

By customers who purchased the 5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505

Average Rating - 4 star
                                      Service Reviews - By customers who purchased the 5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505 Rss Feed

5 star
Prompt and courteous service (not many places where you get that these days!) and best of all the best price. I called to enquire about the appliances I was interested in and got a good response within a few minutes with a follow up e-mail. Ordering via the internet was straight forward and I selected to pay on delivery. The washing machine and dryer were delivered and installed on time (special thank you to the delivery guys - they did a great job and even took away the old washing machine - all at no additional cost!). Very happy with the washing machine (my son works as a mechanic and his work clothes come out spotless). I have and will continue to recommend Appliances Online to my friends. Will definitely shop here in future.
Reviewed by Satpal on 22/09/2011Speech bubbleKings Langley, NSW
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
My experience of missing work & waiting for hours (days) has put me off buying & installing appliances either in shops or online. With the money I have lost from not being at work & waiting for delivery & tradespeople I could have bought three times what I did. But this company provides a two hour window that is actually real. I know it's shocking but it really is a two hour window. Also I can sit at home and see all the real specs & measurements & manuals that I can never find in other shops before buying anything. This is the second time I have used Appliances Online & the second time I am suprised that it does not have all the usual headaches. Please stay this way Appliances Online.
Reviewed by Maya on 21/07/2012Speech bubbleBUNDEENA, NSW
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
Amazed at the level of service and communication which you provide. The appliance arrived exactly as you advised, on time and with a level of customer service seldom seen. Communication from your office was excellent and timely. Contact from your transport staff was also excellent and timely. I knew exactly when the item would arrive and when it did arrive your staff wheeled it in, positioned it as I requested, connected it and loaded the replaced unit all in 5 minutes. And your price was way below any other I had found. All in all a perfect deal. I will do it again when I need an appliance.
Reviewed by T.J. on 15/01/2012Speech bubbleBOWRAL, NSW
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
To be honest I was a little skeptical about shopping online for electrical goods but circumstances arouse that I had to have a quick delivery. I did research prices both on the internet and over the phone and was surprised at appliances online competitive prices. What fantastic service I had delivery next day and they took away the old dryer, I loved the convenience, no more trapping around looking for products from one store to another and having to bargain the price. I now have my one stop shop online, appliances online. Thanks guys you've made my life a whole lot easier. ;0)
Reviewed by Zosia on 29/04/2013Speech bubbleBURSWOOD, WA
Was this review helpful to you?Yes No
5 star
I was very pleased that I proceeded with my purchases from Appliances Online. The items were delivered on time, no waiting around, they were unpacked and installed in excellent time. My old twin tub washing machine was taken away, together with all the packaging which was really convenient for me. The delivery guys were efficient, friendly and helpful. The tap to the washing machine was corroded and wouldn't turn. I had to sort that out myself but they gave me some idea about what to do with that - and it worked.
Reviewed by Liz on 29/05/2013Speech bubbleGRANGE, SA
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                  Product Questions - 5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505 Product Questions Product Questions

Q Hi, what does exhaust venting mean? Does it mean this has to be vented through the wall to the outside?
Asked by Michelle (23/06/2010 11:16:16 PM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A By default this model blows the hot air out of the front of the dryer. This model can divert the heat to the rear of the unit to connect to external venting if required.

Answered by David
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q Does this dryer come with a wall mounting kit and can the display panel be flipped to allow it to be read if the dryer is mounted upside down?
Asked by Michael (31/05/2010 2:32:02 PM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A This model includes the wall mounting bracket in the box, there is also a spare contral panel to use when the dryer is mounted upside down, this ensures the text on the controls face the correct way.

Answered by David
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q What is the venting kit?
Asked by Pauline (14/07/2010 8:43:07 AM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A Venting kits are fitted if you feel there is not enough ventilation in the laundry and too much moist air is being trapped in the room. You can use the venting hose to direct the air out through the window or directly through the wall.

No Image
Answered by Helen
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q Is there a stacking kit available for this dryer so it can be mounted on top of the Electrolux Washing Machine EWF1074?
Asked by Prudence (2/09/2010 10:06:24 AM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A Yes, you may purchase the stacking kit for $22. Model Number DKSK03.

Answered by Sally
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Q Will you stack the dryer on top of my washing machine for me? If so, is there a charge?
Asked by Vikki (26/06/2012 4:41:57 PM)

Was this question helpful to you? Yes No

A This model comes with the option of purchasing a stacking kit. This kit cost $22 and is compatible with Electrolux front loader washing machines. If your current washing machine is a front load Electrolux, then it is possible to stack this dryer on top. In metro NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA one of our qualified Handy Crew installers can install your dryer on top of your washing machine for $150.

Answered by James
Was this answer helpful to you? Yes No

Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials

"Saved me at least $80 off the cheapest deal"

Guys I wasn't sure where to leave feed back but I just had to. This is the best ever deal. It must have saved me at least $80 off the cheapest deal I could have done at one of the big chain stores on the exact same product. The delivery guy was great and it was delivered all within 48 hours free. super service guys. I don't know why anyone would want to buy any other way. Thanks again and I will buy again. Cheers
Joel , Sandgate, QLD

"Risk Free and hassle free"

I am very pleased and excited with Appliancesonline. Bought a Electrolux Dryer a month ago, now looking for a Dishwasher to buy soon. Payment method and delivery service (a bit more communication of delivery guy) is good. Risk Free and hassle free with dealings. Simply to Say " GREAT".
Ravikumar , Sydenham, VIC

"Exemplary----price, customer service, communication"

On December 26 I ordered, on line, a Fisher and Paykel dryer at a low price. On December 28 I received a call advising that delivery was scheduled between 10am and noon on December 30. On December 30 I received a call confirming delivery. At 10am on the same day, our existing dryer miraculously came back to life! I called your company and, somewhat hesitantly, asked if our order, which was already heading our way, could be cancelled. “No problem” was the reply. I then asked if there would be a fee. “No”. I then started to write a diary not to check in a couple of weeks that our payment had been credited back to us. Whilst doing so, I received an email from PayPal advising that the credit had been made! Every aspect of your company’s service was exemplary----price, customer service, communication. We are very impressed. If only service half as good as yours was the norm as far as Australian companies in general are concerned, doing business would be a breeze! Thank you all so much.
Lee , Hope Island, QLD

"More than happy with the service"

As always this time I am more than happy with the service from your two helpful delivery drivers. In addition the Whirlpool tumble dryer is excellent. Many thanks.I am spreading these sentiments around.
Colleen , Charlestown, NSW

"Our online shopping experience was great"

Just wanted to say thankyou for your wonderful service. We received our clothes dryer today as promised after ordering it yesterday. Everything went as promised. We received a phone call
from the delivery team giving us a time of delivery. Our online shopping experience was great! Best wishes until next time.

Les , Camberwell, VIC

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5kg Electrolux Dryer EDV505
RRP $679
Save $190 (28%)


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