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Width (mm)
559 1210
Height (mm)
1715 2039
Depth (mm)
544 995
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$1120 $9599
Volume L
279 910
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Door Hinge
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French Door Fridges

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40 products

French Door Fridges

Ideal for large families, these 'French Door' refrigerators feature a refrigerator section on top with two doors which open outwards, and a freezer section at the base of the unit with two doors (or 1-2 freezer drawers that slide out horizontally).

The extra width of these highly ergonomic fridges makes it easy to store wide platters, cakes, pizzas and more, making them the perfect choice for anyone who loves cooking and entertaining. They also make it possible to get the best value out of bulk buys while grocery shopping.

Having two separate freezer sections allows you to store food for long term storage in one compartment, and food for day-to-day use in the other.

Bear in mind that the larger the fridge, the more energy it will use. Our 3 & 4 Door Fridges range in size from 510L to around 750L. Generally speaking, any fridge with a capacity over 500L should be adequate for households with around 4 adults. As with any major appliance purchase, make sure you measure your kitchen before making a decision - French Door Fridges are quite wide, and require extra room to allow doors to open and to provide adequate ventilation.

View our range of fridges with Ice and Water Dispensers. Chilled, filtered water and crushed or cubed ice is conveniently dispensed directly from your fridge door. Check as some models do require your refrigerator to be connected to a water supply.

For more information, consult our Buying Guide.